Our Story

Taking Saturn is:

Darien Anthony – Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Danny Haddad – Guitars

Bou Lithisack – Bass

Stan Chong – Drums, Vocals

Taking Saturn is a 4 piece rock band coming from the suburbs of Northern Virginia & Washington DC. 

Taking Saturn was founded by Darien Anthony and Stan Chong in the Winter of 2007. Originally the project first started under the monocle “Darien” named after Darien’s first solo project. Stan and Darien, then roommates, had been practicing songs for the solo project and playing around with the idea of starting a new band. During that time, Stan had been working on numerous projects while Darien was playing guitar in a Christian worship band. In the evenings the two would get together and work through jams and song ideas. In the summer of 2007, they decided to look for a guitarist. After numerous ads, they recruited guitarist Danny Haddad through Craigslist. 

After practicing for weeks, opportunities came up for the trio. This included a spot on the side stage at Cornerstone Fest, an outdoor Christian Festival, opening for the pop band Anberlin. Although the side stage was small, the trio got a taste of traveling and playing shows together. That same summer, through a close friend, the band picked up Bou Lithisack on Bass. Bou had been in numerous projects including his original rock band, Nawat. 

The now four-piece renamed the band to “Taking Saturn” after their mutual vision on taking on something new. In the summer of 2008, they began focusing mainly on writing, playing shows and recording for their first release. The main musical style was alternative/modern hard rock. 

In early 2009, the band released “The Human Effect”, an 8-song hard rock album that best represented them at the time. They immediately began promoting their album in their hometown from parties, rock clubs to headlining spots including venturing out to states like Maryland, Philadelphia and New York. 

In 2010, drummer Stan Chong parted with the band for mutual reasons. The band later picked up DC music teacher, Rick Umbrecht to fill in on drums. The band continued to write new material for a second release. However, in 2011 Darien suffered family tragedies and the band was forced to go on an indefinite break. In 2013, Darien relocated to Austin,TX and released his solo project. 

Through the years the band remained close and continued writing music together. The bond that originally brought them together was something distance or difficulties couldn’t break. 

In late 2017, Darien moved back to Northern VA. After many talks and jams, the band officially reunited in late 2018-2019 as well as proudly welcoming back founding member Stan Chong. The band is now enjoying their long time friendship and history together while looking forward to a fun and exciting 2019-’20 with new music and shows.

Find our first album “The Human Effect” on iTunes and Spotify. 

Listen to our weekly podcast on iTunes and check out our guitar lessons #wisdomwednesday on our Youtube Channel and facebook band page.

———- Press review from  Washington DC’s music ONTAP MAGAZINE; 

“Songlist: Asphyxia Collide Be the Fire Finding You Friends and Misery New Medicines (Break Your Fall) Last Frequency The Signs – Eight tracks of hard, emotional rock is what you get with DC-based Taking Saturn’s album, “The Human Effect. “A fitting album name indeed, especially for such solid and distinct tracks like, “Be the Fire” and “Finding You,” that depict raw and passionate emotions. Sounding like the love child of Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana, Taking Saturn takes their sound to the next level, with an obvious fire in each track. “Finding You” is especially impressive lyrically with a chorus that is brutally honest and poignant: “Cause all I need is you, is it everything it could be…” Expect Taking Saturn to tour the East Coast in support of this debut album, including at local music spot Jaxx on May 27, on the heels of shows in Baltimore and New York. If this is any indication of what the future holds for Taking Saturn, we’re in for a rockin’ treat.” —Ashley Estil ON TAP MAGAZINE